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At the youthful age of 25 years old J.Wright is already a platinum songwriter actor and recording artist. In 2015 we seen him along side legends such as Timbaland , Sean Garrett and Bryan Michael Cox working behind the scenes. In 2016 he is determined to make his own music as known as the hits he's written for others and is ready to take on the world. Already being tagged as "One of the artist to watch for 2015 and beyond" by Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, there is no doubt that J. WRIGHT is getting ready to face the world, stand up and begin his take over!

J.Wright J.Wright J.Wright J.Wright

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 : J.Wright
Song: What About Her
Label: Camp Entertainment
UPC: 190394172886
Version : Clean
Release Date: 1/15/16
Performance Rights Organization : BMI
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Music Video :

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DJ Maxheat Mosley with The Real J.Wright
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